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Move Management

• Coordinating with movers, realtors, lawyers, financial planners, 
home health aides, handymen, clean-out services -- everyone, 
including your family. 

 Unpacking, organizing and furniture arrangement in your new home 


• Decluttering
• Maximizing work and living space
• Minimizing information overwhelm
• Fine tuning paper & digital filing systems

Call or email today to get started!                                                                                            

"Downsizing and moving across the country meant  
making decisions about 48 years of accumulated family 
possessions. What to sell, donate, keep, give to our kids?
"Then Carla arrived on her shining white horse. She 
respected my tears, my anxiety, and my need to keep 
precious things. She sorted through our belongings and 
found us realtors, movers and more.

"I cannot imagine moving without Carla's skill,
gentleness and attention to detail." 

-- Suzy Palmer, 
Whidby Island, Wash. 

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