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How It Works       

Every Professional Organizer and Move Manager works 
a little differently. Here's how I like to do things:

 Step 1: 
 We speak by phone to...             
  • Discuss your needs & goals                  
  • Address any questions you have
  • Find out if I'm the right professional for you

Step 2: 
We meet to...                   
  • Tour your work space or home together                    
  • Review your needs and goals  
  • Come up with immediate solutions wherever possible      
  • Identify top priorities              

Step 3: 
Member, National Association of Professional OrganizersIf you decide to move forward... 
  • We choose a date for starting the work together
  • We clarify and define how & where we'll begin 

Step 4: 
At your first session...
  • We'll start tackling your first goal

Step 5: 
At subsequent sessions...
  • We'll start by checking on the organizing work we've already done
  • As we proceed, we'll adjust our plans to fit your evolving priorities.

Call or email today to get started!

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