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For as long as I can remember, I've loved helping friends, family and colleagues organize and simplify. 

As a kid I used to drive my brother crazy color-coding his Legos. In college I helped incoming freshmen organize their dorm rooms. For fun.  

When I took the plunge to becoming a Professional Organizer more than 
12 years ago, it was after a career in journalism, mostly at Newsweek magazine. (Where my office was always suspiciously well-organized -- for a writer.)

Turns out, professional organizing and move management are a lot like reporting a story: You ask a lot of questions, listen carefully to the answers and sift through what's there. Then you come up with a way to simplify it all.

And helping you simplify things -- your home, your office, your life -- is truly my passion. 

If you're ready to simplify, call or email today. I'd love to help.

-- Carla Koehl
Owner, CKB Organizing
Member, National Association of Professional Organizers

"Carla is a lifesaver. She simplified and organized 
our entire home, saving us time, money and space."
-- Liz Sheehan, Sherborn, Mass.

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